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Evan Nordstrom | Technical Communicator

I love to learn. I love to read. I love to organize. I love technology. I love to write.

As a Technical Communicator I have learned to expertly combine the ability to learn, organize, and communicate technical and other types of information to a desired audience.

Every career opportunity I’ve encountered has challenged some or all of my abilities in some way. Those experiences that have challenged me the most have promoted the most growth and become most dear.

I feel the real essence of practicing well in the field and sub-fields of Technical Communication lies in being adaptable, open to change, unafraid of asking for help, and most importantly, no matter how low an experience may force one to bow, never giving up on refining oneself.

Gary | Ghost & Editor-at-large

As can be seen from the casual and candid photo above, Gary was never ashamed to be seen wearing only a fur. His hobbies included ceaseless barking, innumerable escape attempts, flagrantly malicious and inappropriately timed pissing. He also loved fighting with other dogs. It was an obvious passion. Aside from gorging himself with as much food as possible, he was a keen napper and an excellent cuddle. If he were human he would have been a truly fantastic crime boss. But he was better than human.

You are sorely missed my friend. I am certain you dine in the halls of Valhalla on piles of sub sandwiches and Funyuns.